Customer Testimonials


"What a fabulous product! It was so easy to use and to clean. And it doesn't take up too much space. I used it first to make carrots strings to add to a stir fry and just held the slicer right over the frying pan and let the perfectly cut strings/slices drop in. It cuts easily. I would highly recommend this simple gadget to any cook that likes to make interesting food and salads" - by Paula Shoyer (Food Blogger at The Kosher Baker)


"If you are looking to replace the pasta in your diet for health reasons, the ArtVeggie is a great, inexpensive tool. I found it simple to use, easy to clean, and the zucchini “pasta” came out beautiful. Topped with spaghetti sauce and melted cheese, it makes a tempting presentation with a pleasing mouth-feel and taste." - by Vichna Belsky (Kosher Food Blogger at Printable Kosher Recipes)


"Got this great spiralizer from my daughter and just had to leave a review! It is so easy to use and makes my gluten free diet a breeze. I used it for my favorite zucchini noodles and I was amazed at how fast and easy it is. (I had been doing them by hand before!) There is even guard to protect your fingers so you can get every last bit in there. Later I needed carrot shreds for a salad and love how these are larger and more uniform than using a grater. It's compact so it stores away nicely and comes with a handy brush to help with the cleaning so you don't have to get near the sharp blades. LOVE IT! and I will definitely be giving it as a gift too!" - By K.M.


"I've seen these slicers before but never tried them until now. We've recently started trying a little harder to eat healthier and I came across a few recipes for some veggie pasta (Wellness Mama's blog). These are great to make veggie pasta! The slicer was packaged well and even came with a brush for cleaning. The product worked well and it was easy to clean with the included brush. Great quality product at a great price." - Lia


"My sister in law knows how much i love using a spiralizer, so she got me an extra one for the jewish holiday (since we have to use a different one for the duration of the holiday…). and let me tell you, It was so much nicer than the one I got a few month ago!
The packaging of this one is really nice! (the other company i got previously came in a dirty zipoloc with spelling mistakes on the packaging).
What I also like is the free ebook with recipes… I love to cook and always in the look for good recipes, so that was a grew bonus.
The features are similar, but this one seems like a better quality.
altogether, I like this spiralizer so much better than the other brands!" - Liathegr8


"Terrific and fun product! The packaging was attractive and explained usage perfectly. The included brush was helpful for thorough cleaning, as the slicer blades are VERY sharp. Perfect for creative and healthy eating. And, for those moments when you just have to have french fries, I bet making "shoestring" fries would be a great way to use the Art Veggie." - by Mike K.


"My wife and I are thrilled with this food prep tool. We're so happy to be able to easily include veggies and homemade pastas into our favorite dishes, flavorings and garnishes. Have used it 3 times in the first week we got it." - by Hobo mom


"What a great object ! This kitchen tool makes it easy to make great veggie pasta. It was easy to clean with the brush included in the nicely packaged slicer. I also have used it to make veggie strips for salad. Great tool to help my family eat more healthy. Definitely worth the price!" - by Vicki BF