Art Veggie is a kitchen gadget on premium quality that slices vegetables in spiral shapes and allows to make vegetable pasta meals that can be prepared in different ways with multiple sauces, to ensure the best results to our cutomers.


Why Art Veggie is great ?


“Having gone through a painful nutritional re-education process to lose more than 40 pounds and having to give up to eat pasta for more than a year, when I saw a Spiral Vegetable Slicer, I was sure I have discovered a great object”, says Orlando, Great Object co-founder.


If you are like me and a lot of other folks who :


  • Love pasta but struggle to lose weight to improve your health and well-being,

  • Are starting your low carb or paleo diet and want to enrich your eating experience,

  • Are vegetarians and want to find new ways to eat vegetables in your daily meals,

  • Want to teach their children to enjoy vegetables and help create a healthy habit,

  • Love sports, need to keep their diet but also enjoy fine cookery,

  • Or even if you just want to spark your creativity and create never ending recipes of your vegetables from asian noodles through italian fetuccine, from soups through salads and wraps:


You came to the right place !  You need to have an Art Veggie in your kitchen !