Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) to get the most out of your Art Veggie

How do I start using my Art Veggie ?

The best way to start is to use your Art Veggie with the easiest vegetables to slice, such as zucchini and carrot.  Don’t forget to slice sufficient vegetables to the number of people that will eat, so that everybody is satisfied. And last but not least, make your first delicious veggie pasta with tomato sauce and sprinkle some parmesan cheese on it.


Can I use my Art Veggie with any vegetables ?

Art Veggie is best with firm and long vegetables such as zucchini, yellow squash, carrot and cucumber.  You can also use your spiral vegetable slicer to spiralize potatoes and beets but you will need to cut it with the appropriate diameter to fit the sides of the slicer.

Our recommendation is to start with zucchini before you try other choices.


How do I choose the vegetable's size when I go to the grocery store ?

Take the spiralizer's cap with you and use its diameter as a measurer of the vegetable's width.

Choose the longest vegetables that better fit the cap's diameter, but they must be a little narrower than the cap.


Do I need to peel the vegetable before using my Art Veggie ?

You don’t need to peel the vegetables as it will get too slippery to handle. Ideally you should wash the vegetable, dry it and use it with the peel into your Art Veggie.


How can I vary the dishes that I prepare with my Art Veggie ?

We suggest that you use your imagination and prepare veggie pasta with more than one kind of vegetable and choose a special sauce to make a colorful, artful and delicious meal. See some suggestions at our Art Veggie Recipe eBook.


How can I avoid wasting some of the vegetable when I use my Art Veggie ?

When you finish to spiralize each vegetable it may happen that you cannot spiralize it entirely and a small part remains at the end. We suggest that you use the remaining “vegetable pencil” by chopping it to decorate your salad or in a side dish of your meal.